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Getting to the Root of Healthy Hair and Skin.

The human scalp contains up to 150,000 hair follicles. The 150K Hair Follicle Serum takes care of all of them. No Follicles Left Behind!

How Our Scalp Serum Works

The DefenAge 150K Hair Follicle Serum works by revitalizing the environment surrounding the hair follicles, creating an optimal ecosystem to help the follicles to flourish. It also:

  • •  Renews the look of hair volume, quality, and texture. Improves overall visible hair health.
  • •  Helps reduce signs of shedding and hair falling out.
  • •  Promotes sustainable scalp health and wellness.
  • •  Revives follicle nutrition support, nourishes blood irrigation.
  • •  Revives the natural moisture of the scalp, and hair roots.
  • •  Promotes the scalp barrier and immunity, optimizes the delicate ecology of the scalp.
  • •  Rejuvenates the smoothness of the scalp.
  • •  Minimizes the look of pigmentation and discolorations of the skin under the hair.
  • •  Helps improve the appearance of inflammation and itchiness of the scalp.
  • •  Addresses the appearance of grey hair, and visibly softens the hair color at the roots.

Why 150K Hair Follicle Serum Is Diifferent

Our scalp serum is an excellent cosmeceutical care for the scalp. We’ve paired an advanced and targeted treatment with an established and validated science to bring you a product that is unlike any other on the market. Here’s what makes the 150K Hair Follicle Serum different.

  • •  Based on the natural rejuvenation power of our body.
  • •  Evolved from proven science and is patent-protected.
  • •  Contains the BioSerum-level of Defensin-molecules.
  • •  Contains 48 proven natural ingredients, shown clinical efficacy on scalp and hair. All ingredients are infused at their clinical performance concentration.
  • •  Free from drugs and hormones.
  • •  Can be combined with Rogaine, minoxidil or any other treatments and procedures if desired. Recommended to complement PRP and microneedling treatments.
  • •  Lightweight, water-based formula with minimal addition of stabilizing ingredients.
  • •  Supplied in an innovated ampule that protects the serum’s integrity. The applicator allows convenient “no product wasted”-dosing directly to the hair roots, right to the hair follicles.
  • •  Non-irritating and gentle on sensitive scalp.
  • •  Studied in an independent, third-party clinic.

What users also found the 150K Hair Follicle Serum can be good for:

  1. Menopause- and COVID-related hair loss: “I love this stuff! My hair was falling out from Covid and menopause, this stuff is making it grown back at record speed!” Rebecca, a Verified Buyer
  2. For thinning hair on the temple: "Worked on thinning temple: My hair was thinning at the temple. I wasn’t willing to use rogaine, but decided to give this a try in that area only. One drop, twice daily, for 3 months. I saw improvement after just a few weeks, which encouraged me to go the recommended 3 months. Still using it. Hair has filled in again, very pleased.” Elizabeth, a Verified Buyer
  3. New Hair Growth: "I have been using the hair system for 2 months now and def starting to see new growth occur where applied." Ashlee, a Verified Buyer
  4. Decrease in Hair Falling Out: "I am Impressed! I have only been using the 150K Hair Follicle Serum for a month. I am experiencing less hair fall." Valerie, a Verified Buyer
  5. Reduce Hair Shedding: "I have been using the 150K 1-2 times/day; 3 pumps for about 2 weeks. Just prior to starting on it I had been concerned about the shedding I was experiencing; it was more than usual. I now have almost no shedding, my scalp feels more hydrated and I had a rough spot that has softened; my hair feels overall healthier and I have already received some compliments!" M., a Verified User
  6. For Dry and Itchy Scalp: " I am thrilled with DefenAge hair follicle serum as I no longer have an itchy scalp. For many years I suffered from a very dry scalp. I've tried numerous products and none have worked now. I will continue to use the hair follicle serum along with many other DefenAge products." Terri, a Verified Buyer
  7. For Eyebrows: " I had a bad eyebrow wax and my eyebrows were like pencils. My aesthetician suggested using this on my brows while I grew them back out (I have thyroid issues and I lived through the 90’s/00’s eyebrow plucking decades- all which make my brows thin). I must say- I’m happily surprised as to the growth. It’s not like I now have a chia pet on my brows or anything, but they are thicker and I swear I have hairs where I never used to pluck (and for once that is a good thing)." Christine, a Verified Buyer



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